Very Orange

January 24th, 2011


Hello friends, Rob here.

It’s late.  I’m curled up on an air mattress in a  room in Dave’s awesome sister’s house.  We had a day off today.  They made pasta and mozzarella sticks.  We watched football, then football, then a movie about football.  We used a nifty iPad application (fuck the living hell out of the word “app”) to make beats that we’re never going to use.  I stayed indoors all day.

We’ve managed to pack some pretty serious touring in since last time I checked in.  Saturday we cheated on our touring partners, The Blue Party, to open for Rebirth Brass Band in Atlanta.  That was a fun night, we played good notes, and I got to meet some very nice people, but none of us were really up to anything after what happened on Friday.

In order to describe Friday in a single word, I’m going to have to find a word that means “good,” but also means “bad.”  And that doesn’t just mean Friday was “okay,” or “mediocre,” or anything like that.  Friday wasn’t in the middle of the spectrum.  It wasn’t on any spectrum.  Last Friday does not exist in the physical realm, it does not fit onto a Likert scale.  On a scale of 1 to 10, Last Friday was orange.

Last Friday was very orange.

First of all, it was a double header for both us and The Blue Party.  It ended up being some tricky business where we opened up venue one, using mostly The Blue Party’s gear, then jetted off to venue two.  While TBP headlined at venue one, we headlined venue two.  Then, The Blue Party packed up, came over to venue two just as we were wrapping up, and played a late-night set, using mostly our gear.  It sounds complicated, but for pros1 like us it was a fairly simple and well-executed2 process.

So that happened.  We put on two great3 shows, and though we didn’t get to see The Blue Party’s first set, if their late-night performance was any indication, they killed it.  We had a nice cross-band superjam featuring a groove The Revivalists worked out with T, the Blue Party’s enigmatic bassist, when he filled in for George on a summer tour a few years ago.

And then we stayed at the bar until seven in the morning.

I’ll spare my parents the indignity of having to absorb and rationalize a detailed summary of the evening’s bad decisions, but I will say the following about our very long evening at The Nick in Birmingham, Alabama:  There is an aging biker named Jaguar who will not let you get drunk and grab his beard, no matter how much he claims to have enjoyed your saxophone playing.  I tried to buy a t-shirt from the bar and, because the bartender wasn’t tall enough to reach the stockroom shelf where they keep them, Ed went behind the bar to get it for me.  He wasn’t happy when the medium I asked for was too small and he had to go back for a large.  Some wretched vandals who are totally not us did this (LINKED PHOTO IS POTENTIALLY OFFENSIVE) to the marquee.  Also, The Nick is awesome because of this sign:

Just outstanding.

At one point I demanded a girly drink from the bartender and ended up with a tequila sunrise.  By goodness (like goodness had anything to do with it) I was still drinking it when the sun came up.  That’s probably going to be the wildest night of this tour.  Blame it on The Blue Party, they’re bad eggs.  The whole lot of ‘em.

We’ll be back with them tomorrow in Tuscaloosa.  See you there!

1: complete amateurs
2: unnecessarily complex and repeatedly bungled
3: actually, yeah, they were pretty great

The Blue Revival Tour Begins

January 21st, 2011

Hello friends, Rob here.

Sorry I’ve been out of communication.  We’re on the road with our dear friends The Blue Party and, as I’m sure you all know by now, it can be difficult to internet when we’re touring.  We kicked things off last night with a great party in Auburn.  It has become clear to me that, between The Blue Party and The Revivalists, pretty much everyone is going to be getting iced all the time.

A quick note about last weekend’s Revivapalooza:  It was really good.

A less quick note about last weekend’s Revivapalooza:  Seriously, what a wonderful time.  Thanks to the other bands and The Howlin’ Wolf and all, but more importantly, thanks to everyone who showed up and turned it into an event.  You guys are the reason anything good ever happens for us.  Without you, it’s an empty room.  With you, it’s a party.

Okay, it’s time to hit the road.  Just wanted to check in.  This month and the next, we’re going to be touring like, a lot.  Look at our internet website page by clicking on these here link-words to see if we’ll be in your area!  In the meantime, stay warm, stay dry, and stay awesome.


January 13th, 2011

Hello friends, Rob here.  Sorry I’m late.

There is absolutely no good reason why I am posting on Thursday, horrible Thursday this week.  I just completely forgot to do this yesterday.  It was awesome.

Decent week for The Revivalists.  We just had the one show in Houston, which was a lot of fun.  Sure, we had a very short opening set, but playing legit venues like House of Blues is always a thrill.  It’s a nice glimpse of what may be ahead for us if we play our cards right.  Plus, The Radiators are a bunch of rad dudes.  It was a pleasure seeing them perform and an honor opening for them.

Let’s make an abrupt transition from one topic to the next, shall we?

As I may have mentioned earlier, we spent a bit of time in the studio, and we have new songs.  We want to be able to play these songs in front of people without having them sound like sonic clusterscrews (I’m trying to cut down on the swear words in this blog.  Sometimes having to be PG can be pretty crummy), so we have to practice them and iron out some of the kinks.  To that end, this week would have been devoted to practice, but we’ve had a few hiccups.  For example, remember how I was really sick during the post-Christmas run we just did?  Apparently everybody else in the band decided to copy me and get sick, probably because I made it look so awesome.

So we’ve taken a few personal days, but we’re getting it together.  Friends, look forward to hearing new material this weekend, as well as during our (and The Blue Party’s!) upcoming Blue Revival tour.

Upcoming we have another late-night throwdown at Fatty Arbuckle’s in Shreveport (I swear to Gosh we’re going to own that place someday) on Friday, and then Saturday we will be ushering in a new golden age with what will hopefully be the first annual Revivapalooza of many.  The premise is simple: Have a bunch of awesome bands, set up two different rooms so the music never stops, don’t charge a whole lot of money for it, and make back to school rock so very very hard.  It’s going to be us, the aforementioned Blue Party, our dear friends New Grass Country Club, and plucky young upstarts Mississippi Rail Company.  It’s already a steal at ten bucks a head, but if you bring a student ID, it’s only five (5) dollars!  How the crud can you beat that?  You can’t.  It’s just too excellent.  Be there.

(Feel free to read more about it on Facebook by clicking on these exact words)

That’s all for this week.  Until next time, friends!  Everyone have a good time, okay?


January 10th, 2011

That’s right. Revivalpalooza. It’s going to be a blast.  It’s this Saturday night at The Howlin’ Wolf in New Orleans.

1 Night
2 Rooms
3+ hours of continuous music
4 bands
5 dollars with Student ID


The Revivalists, The Blue Party, Mississippi Rail Company, and New Grass Country Club in The Den


January 5th, 2011

Hello friends!  Rob here.

Welcome to 2011!  Does it feel different?  Mine sure does.  Mostly because I’m unemployed.

The Revivalists are beginning to transition into our new lives as full-time band guys.  Some of us will be working from the road.  Some of us will be picking up bits of work here and there when we’re in town.  Some of us will probably have to sell our bodies.  But one thing is certain: We’re all about to be like, super extra broke.  In the meantime, however, I’m enjoying all the downtime this week, and when our tour schedule picks back up during the latter half of January I’ll be glad not to have to worry about getting someone to cover for me.

2011 is also going to be different on the internet.  You may have noticed that you are no longer “America.”  You are now “friends.”  Now, don’t get me wrong, America and freedom and baseball and G.I. Joe cartoons and McDonald’s pies all rock pretty hard, but I feel that “friends” is more inclusive, and maybe a bit more in keeping with our band’s message.  If nothing else, it better speaks to our international, interplanetary, and interdimensional aspirations as a rock band.  Plus, it’s way friendlier.

If you really hate it, you can probably make some kind of macro or something that replaces the word “friends” with “America” when you go to this blog.  That would totally be worth your time.

Speaking of “totally worth your time,” the Great Northern Revival was fun.  It would have been just completely awesome, except that I got sick, and that pretty much ruined New York for me, because after we finished opening for Rebirth I was going to like, do stuff with a bunch of people who are my friends, but then instead I just went to the green room and sat on the couch with my eyes closed until it was time to leave.

Illness aside, it was a good couple of days on the road.  We got to play in George’s hometown for the first time, in Philadelphia we were blown away by some guys from Delaware called Lower Case Blues, and we rang in the new year with a tight, sweaty crowd in Virginia.

So we’re taking it easy a bit these next two weeks.  This weekend we only have one show on Friday, opening for The Radiators at House of Blues in Houston. This is a group of guys who have literally been at it since before any of us were born.  They have live recordings available on their website that are older than me.  We’re all excited to be sharing the stage with a band that has such a long and distinguished history, and it’s especially humbling in light of the recent announcement that their three-decade run is coming to an end this year.  If you are going to be in or near Houston on Friday, this is not a show you’re going to want to miss.

This month, we tour.  A lot.  Next month, even more.  It’s a brand-new year.  Another 365 days of writing new songs, playing new venues, and rocking new faces.  Maybe we’ll make some new friends along the way.

New Show Announced: House of Blues Houston this Friday!

January 3rd, 2011

We’re extremely pleased to announce. That we will be opening for The Radiators this Friday January 7, 2011 at the House of Blues in Houston, TX.  We are honored to get open for them in what could be their last gig ever in Houston.