Pixels Amid Mountains

February 24th, 2011

Hello friends, Rob here. As promised, here a few pictures from our sojourn into the (relative) wilderness:



The left half of our setup…

…and the right.  I really wish I had a wide-angle lens or something so I could get it all in one shot.

George and Zack workin’ it out.

Add some Campanelli and it really starts to simmer!

The only spot in the room that Ed could set up his steel was this strip of tile next to the jacuzzi yes, jacuzzi.  It was there in case we didn’t want to go all the way outside to use the hot tub), because the rest of the room was covered in squishy shag carpet.  Also pictured: Van pants.

Here’s a picture of my setup (or “battle station,” as I will be calling them from here on out).  And yes, of course I’m at the bar.

I tried to take a picture of myself at my battle station, but apparently I don’t know how to work the timer function on my camera.

All the provisions I need for a day of music.

George and Andrew.  Note the blankets and t-shirts draped over the draped over the drums to cut down on noise.

Zack and some sunlight.

The end.  See you in Mississippi!

Added To Family Gras Line-up in Metairie This Sunday

February 23rd, 2011

BOOM Check it. We’ve been added to a prettyprettyyyy cool festival happening in Metairie, LA this weekend.  Family Gras info can be found here. We’re playing this Sunday the 27th of our year two thousand and eleven at 10:45 AM (ouchies kinda) on the Krewe stage.

Update: The tour is fun and you can read about it on the blog!

February 23rd, 2011

Notes Amid Mountains

February 23rd, 2011

Hello friends, Rob here.

We’ve just made our way to Dave sister’s in the suburbs of Atlanta after a show in Athens, GA.  There’s not much to discuss from today, which is good, because I wrote something on Monday about our little mountain excursion and I wanted to post it first thing when I got to the internet.  So here’s Monday’s tour blog, postponed due to wilderness:

I’m standing on the shag carpet, staring at the couch.  Ironically, I think I’m too tired to bother with folding the mattress out of it.  One way or another, I’m about to bed down.  We’ve been in a cabin in the Smoky mountains for the past two days, a rental property named Blue Rhapsody.  Last night we allowed ourselves to unwind and enjoy the many distractions afforded at our lodging (including a pool table, a hot tub, and several collections of sports bloopers on VHS).  Despite the fact that the cabin is less secluded than advertised, we were able to spend a fair amount of today playing music without disturbing anyone.  Unfortunately, and to no one’s great surprise, Drew’s 20-year-old pickup truck couldn’t make the trip down from Ohio, so the fruits of our labors will remain apocryphal until we debut them live.

As I write this entry, I am sitting on the aforementioned couch in the lowest room of our three-story cabin.  To my right is a staircase and the intermingling of bandmates’ voices with that of Anthony Bourdain on the Travel Channel.  To my left is a mountain range and silence.  Maybe wind.  I think we’re going to have to do this again.  We’re already talking about trying to record our next album somewhere around here, alternately cutting tracks and exploring the the neon circus that is Pigeon Falls, Tennessee.  It’s weird to think that, out here, immersed in palpable quiet, that we are a fifteen-minute drive away from a town that is essentially a 365-day fairground.

Anyway, recording up here is probably just a pipe dream, but who knows?  We’ve followed up on stranger ideas.

I look forward to our return to touring and civilization tomorrow, followed by our departure from all things civil on Sunday, when we will return to New Orleans to find Carnival already underway.  I’m not sure when I will actually be able to post this, or what we will have been up to in the interim, but I wanted to write an entry about this interlude and post it as a standalone.  I was going to close with a photograph of our setup in this cabin, but I couldn’t decide on one and I want to be able to just copy/paste this entry as soon as I can get it to the internet, so my next update will probably be mostly or entirely pictures.  After that, we’ll get back to words about concerts and tequila and rabid patriotism.

I’ll see you later.  Or maybe I’ve already seen you by now.  That’s the one thing I hate about writing entries before I can post them.  Time is a jerk.

Okay, bye.

Drew LaPlante is Having an Excellent Week

February 20th, 2011

Hello friends, Rob here.

First things first.  An important announcement.  Drumroll please:

I have decided to step up my sock game.

I don’t know if Dave’s rubbing off on me or whatever, but I think I’m over plain white socks.  I’ve been digging on black, brown, and gray lately, but it’s time to get advanced.  I’m talking plaids, argyles.  Choo-choo trains.  Hello Kitty.  Black diamond course.  No beginners.

Oh yeah, also we’re a band I guess.

I have previously discussed the many merits of Dave’s aunt Linda, so I’ll spare you all but the quickest recap:  She is awesome.  We’ve been using her house as a base of operations this week while we were making sport of the general Ohio area.  We’ve been operating largely in the partnership withcard-carrying baller Drew LaPlante and company.  I’m not sure how much I’ve talked about these wonderful people in the past, but basically they’re some wonderful people.  Absolutely wonderful.

We’ve really been getting into in in Ohio, but now it’s time to leave.  I’d like to provide more details about the week, but I need to rush to get this out before we hit the road, because, where we’re going, there will be no internet.

We’re heading up into the mountains today.  We’ve rented a cabin in the Smoky Mountains near Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  We’re going to set up, and play, and let nature inspire us and all that delightful hippie nonsense.  Drew (and I think one of his esteemed associates, as well) is going to come along and record, so who knows?  Maybe we’ll have some kind of “Mountain Sessions” EP or something to tide you over while the album we recorded in December percolates?

I’ll let you know how it goes when we get back to civilization.  Anyway, I have to pack and run.  I like you guys a lot.

I Was Going Talk About

February 14th, 2011

Hello friends, Rob here.

I was going to talk about what we’ve been up to for the last few days.

I was going to talk about our five-days’ notice show on a Wednesday night in Baton Rouge.  I was going to talk about all of the friends that came to see us even though we had been there four nights prior.  I was going to talk about the guy at the venue who must have been an employee coming to hang out on his night off, because nobody threw him out on his ass when he vomited into his own clasped hands and then just stood there and tried to play it off.

Then, I was going to talk about Shreveport.  Highlights would have included bitter cold and wonderful people.  It was freezing at Fatty Arbuckle’s.  When we got to the venue to load in, the bar was completely empty.  I was going to tell you that we were actually worried for a second there.  Then, in our darkest hour, I was going to use some colorful analogy to describe our beloved Shreveport friends striking the scene like lightning and leaving behind a scorch mark in the shape of a bald eagle.  We really didn’t expect anyone to brave the cold for a late-night show on a Thursday, but sure enough, you would have been able to read about how we continue to be the luckiest band in the world.

I was going to find a way to segue seamlessly into a brief and technical sermon on the finer points of tour routing, and how Shreveport to St. Louis is a risky move, especially when the second bar supposedly wants you at 7:30 PM and the first bar wants you until 3:30 AM and you need to drive eleven hours to get from the one to the other, and theoretically you’re sneaking in more than two hours’ sleep at some point.  You were going to do the math, and it wasn’t going to add up.

Here would have been a (hopefully) comical non-sequitur about losing money at a blackjack table.

At this point in the telling, we would have been at Broadway Oyster Bar in St. Louis, which was a great story.  I wish I had time for it.  The bar’s owner, a lover of all things New Orleans, said he was going for a “half Jacques-Imo’s, half Maple Leaf” vibe.  I was going to talk about the heavily decorated walls, perfectly intimate rooms, and unexpectedly large and enthusiastic crowd.

See, I was going to have a nice little update here, filled with information and anecdotes.  But unfortunately, I have to devote all of my word-space to bragging because I GOT TO SIT IN WITH THE MOTHER FREAKING REBIRTH BRASS BAND FOR THE ENTIRETY OF THEIR SECOND SET IN CHICAGO AND IT WAS SO AWESOME AND THEN TODAY WE WENT TO PIZZA AND WE GOT TO MEET RICK NIELSEN OF CHEAP TRICK

So this entry is actually just a bunch of words about how awesome we are.  Sorry.

Driving day tomorrow, then we make our long-long-long-overdue return to Lexington, Kentucky, then we spend the rest of the week in Ohio.  I love Ohio.

I also love you.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

PS If you ever find yourself in Chicago skip the deep dish and go to Piece instead.

So We Depart Again

February 9th, 2011

Hello friends, Rob here.

It was another eventful week, marked by all manners of silliness and musicpersonship.  We had an excellent time in Baton Rouge on Saturday, and played an incredibly well-stocked Super Bowl party on Sunday hosted by our friends Pat & Tara in Pensacola.  Many fun times.

Today sort of marks the beginning of our February tour.  We’re playing in Baton Rouge tonight, and maybe coming back tonight, but then tomorrow it launches for real with another epic quest to Shreveport.  I know I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but do consider checking our website to see if we’ll be headed towards your township, province, or municipal area.

Today, we’re also doing something a little different, which is exciting I guess!  No I think we’re all a little honored and humbled (isn’t it weird that those two go together?) to have been chosen to perform for Irvin Mayfield’s “Music Inside Out” class at the University of New Orleans.  Basically, we get to set up in a university lecture hall, rock shit for like twenty minutes, and then talk about how we rock shit, why we rock shit, what’s it’s like rocking shit as hard as we rock shit, and what shit we plan to rock in the future.  And then real-live students are going to blog about us!  Because they have to!  It’s for a grade!

So that’s pretty cool, eh?  I’m excited to meet Irvin Mayfield, seeing as he’s such a significant figure in the scene and spirit of music in this city.

Okay, that’s all! Tour begins today, so you know the drill. I’ll be suspending Blog Wednesday temporarily and updating as time and internet connections allow. See you on the road!

Tour Awaits, Baton Rouge show added for Wednesday.

February 7th, 2011

We are about to embark on a nice tour through the midwest and back into the southlands for Mardi Gras.  Check out the itinerary.  More dates are soon to be announced.

In other news, we’ve added a Baton Rouge date for this Wednesday.  It’s at the Blind Tiger (formerly Sangria’s and Bear’s) 1072 W. Lee Drive.  Hope to see you out!

Alligator Bayou

February 5th, 2011

Hello Friends.

Zack here.  I am writing today to share with you an unreleased demo.  Sometime last Spring we were afforded the opportunity to apply to a world music festival in Malaysia.  The only catch was they were looking for Zydeco bands from Louisiana.  We are not a Zydeco band.  The following is our attempt to make a Zydeco song to submit for the application.  The result sounds something like John Fogerty on acid singing a children’s song.  Needless to say, we were not accepted to the world music festival in Malaysia.  The low vocal effect that you hear is Rob playing the role of Alligator.   Without further adieu.  I present to you: Alligator Bayou.

P.S. Listen to some real Zydeco. Check out Buckwheat Zydeco for starters.

IMPORTANT: Lafayette Show Tonight Cancelled Due To Road Conditions!

February 4th, 2011

I-10 is extremely dangerous right now, and, as much as The Revivalists hate to miss a performance, we hate dying in car accidents even more.  And so it is with reluctance that we have chosen to stay off the roads tonight.  We apologize for the inconvenience and urge everyone to make smart, safe choices while the weather is nasty.  We’ll be back before you know it.

As of this posting, our concert in Baton Rouge tomorrow night is still happening.