Best Emerging Artist at Gambit’s Best of The Big Easy Awards

April 28th, 2011

Yay. We won our first award: Best Emerging Artist at the 2011 Best of The Big Easy Awards. It made us feel good. The evening was great. We got to perform in front of serious musicians and bigwigs like Mayor Mitch Landrieu. We suggested that he use “Not Turn Away” as his next campaign song. The audience dug us and Kermit Ruffins was even seen videoing our performance on his iPad2. It’s nice to no longer be submerged. Thank you all!

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April 27th, 2011

Hello, friends! Rob here.

Let’s start things off with a little unapologetic bragging, shall we? Behold:

Get it?  Like, instead of ''artist?''
That’s pretty much all we’ve been up to as a band this week. Individually we’ve done some good though. Our very own bassist George Gekas celebrated a birthday on Friday! Two hundred and thirty-seven years old, can you believe that? Dave had what I can only imagine was a raucous Easter homecoming, punctuated by the numerous solo acoustic gigs he booked in Ohio. Zack and I, inspired by last week’s glowing tribute to his stalwart facial hair, conceived of a plan which Zack took it upon himself to set into motion over the weekend. Long story short, click on the following link to help the Moustache find a name:!/home.php?sk=question&id=10150169145599674

I sincerely hope that you will see the wisdom inherent in voting for Octavious/Octavio, but, even if you disagree, I strongly urge you to vote for the name of your choice.

Oh yeah, I guess we’re also a band and we do music stuff sometimes. More on that right now.

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is upon us! In celebration, we will be performing at a few private functions this weekend as well as opening for The Howlin’ Wolf’s annual “Give the Drummer Some” concert on Sunday night. It’s part of a series they do every year during The ‘Fest where each night is devoted to one instrument and they get some of the biggest names and brightest talents in the city to come perpetrate epic jam sessions. “Give the drummer some” is something James Brown would say before drum solos, and James Brown was a singer, so I’m pretty sure the evening is going to be centered around vocalists. On the remote chance that I am incorrect, it’ll probably still be a lot of fun.

But enough about me. How are you? That’s great, glad to hear it. Signing off now. Have a great week!

The Family Keeps On Growing

April 20th, 2011

Hello, friends!  Rob here.

I would like to start this weekend not with a recap of our impressively busy weekend, but rather with a tribute to the newest member of The Revivalists:

In all its glory.

The Moustache.  Do not call it “Zack’s Moustache.”  You would not call Zack “the Moustache’s Face,” would you?

Actually, you might.

The moustache joined Zack about a month ago, and their arrangement has been very much mutually beneficial.  The Moustache is finally receiving the exposure it deserves, and it has done wonders for Zack’s confidence as well.  Here is a photograph of Zack pre-moustache.  Note the nakedness of his upper lip and the utter lack of direction in his life:

Zack Feinberg:  Still a pretty handsome guy pre-moustache.

The Moustache is currently in its late adolescence.  It has survived the awkward “1970′s porn star” phase that plagues many a young pushbroom, and is maturing nicely into the fullness of adulthood, whereupon it will allow Zack to begin waxing it into more of an 1870′s saloonkeep type of shape.  The Moustache’s twitter account currently has tens of followers, and it is a popular contributor at The American Mustache Institute.  Here is a photograph of The Moustache with one of its many adoring fans (also pictured: Zack Feinberg):

And ladies:  The Moustache is single.

The Revivalists are delighted to have joined forces with such a prodigious moustache, and we are anxious to see what new musical boundaries we can now push as a seven-piece ensemble.  We’ll close out this little tribute with a candid photo of Zack and the Moustache palling around:

Best of friends, bitterest of rivals.

Bold, confident, innovative.  Moustache.

Anyway, moving on, changing gears, and what have you.  What a weekend!  Seriously, whose idea was it to put a day show in New Orleans smack in the middle of two night shows in Pensacola?  We did Thursday and Friday in Pensacola, drove back on Friday night, played Tulane’s wonderful Crawfest Saturday afternoon, drove to Pensacola, played for about 2-3 hours (with a few breaks), then drove home.  Lots of driving, lots of heavy lifting, lots of extra personnel, lots of fun, a fair amount of shots (and in my case, on Thursday, an unfair amount of shots), and not a whole lot of sleep.  It started about 2:00 in the afternoon on Thursday, when we left New Orleans to play a club called Live in inland Pensacola.  64 hours and four shows later (and feeling about ten years older), I’m hobbling up the steps to my apartment at 6:00 AM on Sunday.  I stop about halfway up as it hits me.  This is exactly what I was doing 24 hours ago.

Awesome.  Wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Dave and I are both traveling to our respective hometowns for Easter.  I believe that Dave will be doing some acoustic shows in the greater Hamilton, OH area, but other than that we won’t be up to much.  The only concert the whole band has between now and next Blog Wednesday is a one-song performance at Gambit Weekly’s Big Easy Music Awards.  Oh yeah, we’re also nominated for Best Emerging Artist at the same awards show!  Wish us luck!

Until next time, Moustache fans!  Keep it ‘stachey.

Ping Pong

April 13th, 2011

Hello, friends!  Rob here.

I’d just like to take a little time today to talk to you about Keith Spera.  Keith Spera is the music writer for the New Orleans Times-Picayune.  He is a very nice man who said some very nice things about us before French Quarter Fest.  And, at least partially because of those very nice things he said, there were like 80 batrillion people there to see us on Saturday.  Old people and young people.  New faces and familiar.  Inappropriately drunk and inappropriately sober.

The FQ Fest set was one of the most fun performances we’ve had in a while.  There was a great crowd on a beautiful day, and we even had a little help from our dear friends Michael Girardot and Natalie Mae.  We spent both evenings entertaining in Baton Rouge, a city that finally seems to be coming together for us.  All in all, it’s been a nice time.

This weekend is going to be epic.  Tomorrow we’re playing the mainland in Pensacola, then Friday and Saturday we’ll be at Bamboo Willie’s on Pensacola beach.  But there is an exciting twist!  Saturday, we will also be playing during the day at Crawfest on Tulane campus!  This means we are going to have to drive back from Pensacola on Friday after the show, play in New Orleans on Saturday, and then drive back to Pensacola that afternoon.  It’s ping pong, but the table is over 200 miles long, the ball is six dudes, a van, and a trailer full of equipment, and the paddles have no appropriate analogue in this awkward metaphor.  Nobody is ever going to sleep and we are all going to smell terrible by the end of Saturday.  Ah, the sacrifices we artists make…

Lastly, congratulations go out to our dear friends The Rebirth Brass Band, who just released a new CD last night!  My head’s still pounding from the festivities, so I’m gonna cut this entry off here.  See you around, everyone!

Big Easy Awards Nomination

April 11th, 2011

The Revivalists are nominated for “Besting Emerging Band” in Gambit’s Best of The Big Easy Awards where we are scheduled to perform a song.

The Revivalists are the Times Picayune “best bet” for Saturday at French Quarter Fest

April 7th, 2011

They really like us!


The Revivalists

12:30-1:45,  Coca-Cola Esplanade in the Shade Stage

In little more than three years,  The Revivalists have emerged as a contender on the local rock scene. The quintet’s full-length independent debut,  “Vital Signs, ” sounds like a major label release,  with its hearty production and stout arrangements and musicianship that,  at times,  evoke the Dave Matthews Band at its most focused. — Keith Spera

Best Case Scenario

April 6th, 2011

Hello, friends! Rob here.

Another week down. Not much to report this time, so we’ll make this one quick.

As you ought to know, last Thursday we had the unmitigated honor of participating in WWOZ’s spring membership drive. It’s always a pleasure to kick it with our dear friend Sherwood Collins over at ‘OZ, and we were more than happy to dedicate an hour or two of our time to help garner support for such a wonderful pillar of the community and blah blah blah anyway WWOZ is awesome.

The weekend was pretty nice, but nothing particularly epic. Lost a few bucks at the casino in Shreveport (Ed won big), drank a few shots with our friend Whitney Solomon’s mom (whom I insisted upon calling “Whitney Solomom”), and generally felt the love on Friday. Sat in with a young band called Seven Horse Tango  in Lafayette (they were short a horse because their saxophonist couldn’t make it), had some excellent crawfish before, after, and during our set at a benefit for Children’s Shelters of Acadiana Youth, and drove back late at night on Saturday. Indulged in some touristy stuff with friends on Sunday.

Our dear friend and sometime videographer Brett Tierney filmed our visit to WWOZ and came along for the weekend to shoot a few live songs and hopefully capture some of our bizarre, inane and/or potty-mouthed van conversations on video, so there ought to be some kind of worthwhile and inspiring (read: worthless and insipid) output from all of that. Something to look forward to, provided your life is bleak enough that you could derive any sort of genuine fulfillment from something so trivial.

Best case scenario, it’ll be kinda funny.

Lastly, and mostly for George, I would like to congratulate the Uconn Huskies (avid followers of this blog who are doubtlessly reading today’s entry over and over again) on their victory in this year’s NCAA tournament! George and I watched most of March Madness on the road together, comparing brackets and yelling either with or at each other while the rest of the band mostly tried to ignore us. So when my bracket (which was briefly tied for third place among every single entry on*) went to hell during the Elite 8, I was obliged to cheer for George and his Connecticutian brethren. Anyway, good job, dudes!


We’re playing The Mellow Mushroom in Baton Rouge on Friday night, then we’ll be back in New Orleans on Saturday at French Quarter Festival, playing at 12:30 PM on the Coca-Cola Esplanade in the Shade Stage (by the Old U.S. Mint, same place as last year). That night we will return to Baton Rouge for a private event. Sunday we’ll be thinking about you.

Everyone have a wonderful week!

*: As a lifetime band geek, this is probably the closest I will ever come to legitimate sports bragging, so please just shut up and let me enjoy it.

French Quarter Fest on Saturday April 9

April 4th, 2011

We’ll be playing at noon thirty on the Esplanade in the Shade Stage at the Old U.S Mint. See ya there!