New Revivalists-related videos from Paste Magazine and James Franco…whaaa?

July 29th, 2012

The good news keeps on coming y’all!

We’re excited about this cool 7Jeans commercial-thingy featuring A-lister, all around smart-cool-guy James Franco running around like a madman to our very own “Criminal”. You have to click this link to watch it because I can’t get the video to embed into our blog.


We played two songs acoustic for Paste Magazine at The Hangout Fest a couple of months ago. Props to Paste for the high production quality. They look and sound great.  Check out “When I’m Able” and “Soulfight” acoustic live on the beach.

No, You See, the Ocean Is Like, A Metaphor for the Way He Feels About Stuff

July 25th, 2012

Hello, friends! Rob here,

You know all those stories about bands on the way up who live in vans and out of suitcases and toil and struggle and it’s just miserable for years and years? Well, sometimes it’s like that for your friends in The Revivalists as well, but not this week:

What, no oceanside beverage service?  How utterly barbaric! (also there may actually be oceanside beverage service

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for yet another thrilling installment of “The Revivalists Present: Seriously Guys, How Do We Get to Keep Staying at Such Amazing Places When We’re on the Road?” This week’s episode brings us to lovely Miami Beach, Florida, where we are recuperating after a grueling weekend stand at The Green Parrot in Key West. Friday we’ll be playing at The Stage here in Miami, but we have nothing to do until then and it would be neither fiscally nor environmentally responsible to drive all the way home from Key West just to come all the way back down a few days later. Fortunately, our lovely and hospitable friend Anne has access to a palatial tenth-floor condominium about 200 yards (and ten floors) away from the untamed blue eternity that is the Atlantic Ocean.

So we packed swim trunks and made it a vacation.

But let’s back it up a few days. When we last left off, The Revivalists had just arrived in… Key West? More like “Key BEST!” HA HA FUNNY! That is an example of a thing that I probably thought to myself several times over the course of the previous weekend, but I can’t say for sure because I was too busy having fun to keep track. Key West boasts some of the kindest and most appreciative friends this world will ever know. Every time we visit it just gets better and better, and some of the sets from last weekend were among the sweatiest in our history (sweatiness, by the way, is an almost universally-acknowledged barometer of band and crowd energy during a performance).

If the time onstage in Key West is fantastic, then the time offstage in Key West is, well, also fantastic. George and I bartered merchandise for some fly haircuts (Scotty at The Bobby Shop is the best in the world!), Dave and Zack rode a mechanical bull, my girlfriend and her parents came down for the weekend and I managed not to embarrass myself too spectacularly despite the near-endless flow of root beer barrels (a dangerously palatable specialty shot at the ‘Parrot), plus it was Hemingway Weekend and there were Ernest Hemingway look-alikes everywhere. Sometimes it’s not too bad having to spend all weekend at the office. As with every Key West excursion, a big shout out to all the guys named “Dave,” especially the birthday marine, Mr. David Glassman. Keep it real, Daves.

Alright, that’s it for today. Not much on the show front this week, just looking forward to Friday night at The Stage. We checked it out last time we were in town and it’s a great-sounding venue with a lot of character, but like actually it has character, instead of how sometimes you say a place “has character” because it’s a more positive way to say that the bathrooms there are disgusting. As per tradition, I’ll leave you with a friendly reminder that the world will be ending on December 21st, 2012 (148 days from the date of this posting) according to anyone who believes that man-made calendars determine the mechanics of the solar system, and not the other way around. Toodles!

The Revivalists to Rock West Coast with…GOV’T MULE!

July 20th, 2012

We are extremely pleased to announce that we will be opening several dates for one of our all time favorite bands, Gov’t Mule out West this fall.


Tue 9/18/12- Club Nokia- Los Angeles, CA

Wed 9/19/12- House of Blues – San Diego, CA

Fri 9/21/12- The Warfield – San Francisco, CA

Sat 9/22/12- Grand Sierra – Reno, NV

See Mule’s tour page to purchase tix

More Revivalists show announcements to come.  As always check our shows page to stay up with all tour dates.

We love you!

-The Revivalists


Here’s to the Spirit of ’97!

July 19th, 2012

Hello, friends! Rob here.

A little late, but hey, I’m on island time or something. On to band stuff!

Last week we jumped right back into touring after one of our longest breaks from live shows in recent memory. Fortunately, we spent much of our time “off” playing together, and Lafayette really brought the heat on Wednesday, so it was easy for us to jump right back in. There’s really not much to say about the show, except that it was good and stuff and thanks for coming! We like you.

PROTIP: If you are in a band, and you stay in hotels a lot, use the app or something similar to look up your hotels ahead of time instead of just pulling up to whatever is off the side of the highway. You’ll find cleaner rooms and continental-er breakfasts for fewer dollars. Also, you probably don’t have to be in a band for this to work, but I can’t say for sure.

Thursday our dear friend Chase (yes, that Chase) and his business partner Paul treated us to some pre-show food and drink at Stir, a tapas-and-fancy-cocktails type of place they just opened in Shreveport. I am actually bothering to put my hand over my heart as I type this, so you’ll know that what I am about to say is true and I’m not just plugging a friend’s new business (although I am also kind of doing that actually): Stir is awesome. Eat there. Drink there. And so on.

Thursday and Friday in Shreveport and Lake Charles were nice, but our Saturday show with Mike Dillon in Austin was easily the highlight of the weekend. The Gypsy Lounge’s courtyard was packed, and when the rain kicked in it only served to drive everyone under the 100-or-so-square-foot covered area directly in front of the stage. At one point we had a total of eleven people onstage for a big instrumental jam that didn’t end in disaster. Fun!

SIDEBAR: Mike Dillon is the man. He is a towering figure in the jam scene, his own band is comprised of young (and extremely talented) New Orleans musicians, he’s a super nice dude, and he occasionally plays the vibraphone in his underwear. Awesome.

Well, we’ve arrived in Key West, and it’s every bit the besotted island paradise I remember. We began working our way down the state of Florida with a show at Atmosphere in Tallahassee on Tuesday. We’ve been to Tallahassee once before, and it was nice to return and play with a promising young local band called The Brown Goose. Last night we made what was essentially a musical pit stop in St. Petersburg. Though I think we had technically been hired by a taproom called The Ale and the Witch, the show was outside in a nice sort of boardwalk-ish area connecting several bars and restaurants. Although the sky was threatening to leak for the majority of the evening, it kept dry and we had fun playing a somewhat unconventional show. Unconventional like Dave sat down at some people’s table and sang the first two verses of “Upright” to a woman’s dog.

Now we’re in Key West after an overnight drive. We have the day off to recuperate and explore the island, so I’m going to get the hell out of the internet and have some fun. Only 154 days left for that. Later, friends!

Probably Shouldn’t Have Bothered Today

July 11th, 2012

Hello, friends!  Rob here.

Well, The Revivalists have been up to basically nothing this week.   There is almost no point in my writing these words.  Well, I mean, we did stuff, but mostly it was just working on new songs and nothing super exciting happened.  My girlfriend and I threw a housewarming party, but you missed it.  It was awesome.  I guess I could try to write about the songs we wrote, like the one that has a kind of heavy thing that goes into a different part, but I don’t think it would do much good.

Today we’re going to start doing music stuff in front of people again, so there will probably be words about it next week, though we will most likely be driving next week so I can’t make any promises as to when you will get to read those words.  Tonight we’ll be playing a last-minute show at Artmosphere in Lafayette, then we’ll be in Shreveport tomorrow night (Fatty’s, where else?).   Friday we will make a long-overdue return trip to Luna Bar in Lake Charles, and Saturday we’ll be at the Gypsy Lounge in Austin with Mike Dillon, who is awesome.

Anyway, that’s it!  Goodbye, and I like you, and 162 days til the end of the world, and whatever else!  Have a wonderful day!

A Holler and a Swaller

July 4th, 2012

Hello, friends!  Rob here.

Every so often, people who I sort of made up for the sake of this story will come up to me after a show and ask me something like, “hey, Rob, your blog is amazing and you are the best-looking person in your band by a significant margin, but I have to know: why do so many of your blog updates have such zany titles?”  Well, imaginary friends, I’ll explain.

Sometimes I just use a combination of words that relate directly to events or ideas expressed in the entry at hand.  But that’s boring, so, whenever possible, I like to use combinations of words that I encounter over the course of the previous week that stick out to me for whatever reason.  Such is the case with last week’s “Space Jill,” which was named after a handmade label stuck to a jar of handmade booze that someone was nice enough to share with me during our adventures in Nelson Ledges Quarry Park.

This week, the title was a gift from our dear friend Mary Frances, who sings words and plays bitchin’ keytar solos (like, keytar behind the head bitchin’) in Yo Momma’s Big Fat Booty Band. Saturday in Mobile she proposed a toast to the audience in the form of “a holler and a swaller” (meaning yell and then drink- two of my favorite things!) and basically gave me something to say a bunch of times while celebrating Freedom Day today.  So thank you YMBFBB, for that, and also for teaming up with us to sell the living crap out of The Soul Kitchen.  You guys are good at notes.

Speaking of “you guys are good,” New Orleans!  Wowee!  Friday’s quasi-homecoming show at One-Eyed Jack’s was one of the most enjoyable in all my years as a band guy.  Nothing beats homefield advantage, and our New Orleans friends took the energy and rocked and raged right back, twice as hard as we ever could.  Thanks for an amazing evening!  Thanks to our pals Stokeswood for starting it off right.

On a more somber note, I can’t believe that today is our glorious nation’s last birthday ever.  Those dastardly Mayans have only given us 169 more days to live, and I’m pretty sure that’s less than a year, which means this is the last America Day for EVER.  So I’m going to stop writing words at a computer screen and get out there and do freedom stuff like take my shirt off and yell about immigrants* and possibly wear a bandana.  I suggest you do the same.

Goodbye everyone!  Have a safe and pleasant Independence Day!

*: Neither this blog nor the band associated therewith condones yelling about immigrants.