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Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

This Blog Post, Like Our Upcoming Album, Currently Has No Title

Hello, friends!  Rob here.

First things first:  Florida- don’t worry, I didn’t quit the band.  I have missed so much of Florida lately that I couldn’t blame you for wondering.  On top of my inexcusable East Asian vacation adventure last month, I had to miss both shows in Pensacola last weekend due to some good things and some bad things.  But I PROMISE I will be there in October, Florida.  My word is good.

Which is exactly what I would say if my word wasn’t any good.

Fortunately, I was at least able to make it to our show at the New Orleans Seafood Festival on Sunday, so I’m not a complete failure.  Unfortunately, there isn’t much to talk about from this weekend.

Since I can’t regale you with tales of our adventures, I’ll talk a little bit about the next album.  We’re almost about done with the mixing process, and, as mastering looms, we have just begun to contemplate all of the imperceptible minutiae that can help make an album better.  Nothing too important, you know, just subtle touches like the name of the album, the track order, the art, the packaging, the release date, what tracks we would want to put forward when approaching labels, what to do about publicity…  Little things like that.

Welp, short one today!  Sorry, but I don’t have funny stories about stuff we did this week, and you really don’t want me to try to force it.  I mean, I could talk about last night when we met at Stu’s and talked about how we’re going to drive a lot in October.  Or I could tell you how I brought my sunglasses onstage at Seafood Festival, and I left them there and didn’t realize it until Papa Grows funk was playing, so I had to come onstage when they finished to retrieve my sunglasses.  Pure hilarity!

Yeah, exactly.

Fun weekend coming up!  Tomorrow we’re waking up bright and early to make the trek to Oxford, MS so we can do a radio show before our evening gig at Proud Larry’s with our dear friends Earphunk.  Friday, for the first time ever, The Revivalists will perform at the legendary Maple Leaf Bar here in New Orleans, a place where many storied local acts have spent countless hours being awesome.  Then, on Saturday, we’re going back to Mississippi (in the musical community this is affectionately known as “band-pong”) to stomp some face at Martin’s in Jackson.  As usual, attendance is unilaterally encouraged and will be rewarded in the form of vague compliments such as “we like you,” or “you are a good-looking bunch of people.”

Have a good week!

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