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Monday, June 11th, 2012

Another Day in Paradise’s Basement

Hello, friends! Rob here

So far this tour has been kind of odd. The pacing and routing of it have made everything feel much longer than the week or two it has actually been. Which isn’t bad, because the days off have been great. Zack and I saw an excellent French film with his dad, we got to visit the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum (space has cooler pictures, but air has sweet World War stuff), and just yesterday we woke up in Philadelphia and had the best cheese steak in the city (Jim’s, for the record) before returning to the Campanelli family residence, where we’ll be staying for two nights before we begin the home stretch of this tour.

Oh, the shows? They have been fun, thank you for asking! It has been a thrill to get into some new venues (hello Blockley in Philadelphia!) and some new towns (hello Baltimore! You are full of awesome horn players from what I can tell). We’ve gotten to open for some killer New Orleans friends like Anders Osborne and The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, but in a lot of ways I think the most fun I’ve had at a show so far this tour was our second NYC show at Rockwood Music Hall.

Rockwood is what we in the business call “an intimate room,” and it was packed to the gills on Thursday. The way they run things at Rockwood is that they have two separate venues and they’ll have four or five bands play each in a single night. Because of this, it wouldn’t really do any good to have bands come in early to set up or sound check. So between bands is a bit of a scramble, especially when you have to carry everything from the side bar (which is two doors down and only accessible via sidewalk) through a crowded room. There’s a lot of hurry-up and a sense of tense anticipation.

And once you start playing, wow.

There’s just something great about playing a small room, loud and hot with people. It always seems a bit daunting at first, but once you get your bearings it’s so much easier to let go and trust the evening’s momentum to keep you on course and carry you through. Kind of like riding a unicycle.

In other news, for those of you who missed the little Facebook blitz back when we were home, I am now a real-live sponsored music guy! I am proud and honored to be an endorsing artist for SaxGourmet saxophones and accessories. SaxGourmet is a small (like, the CEO is also the guy who sweeps the floor at the end of the day) operation of no small renown based in New Orleans. My tenor saxophone (or as you might know it, “that shiny one that looks like a penny”) is a SaxGourmet Super 400, and it plays like a champ no matter what kind of day I’m having. This is a pretty awesome club I’ve joined here. I hope you will allow me to brag about it a little, because I just did.

The Revivalists have some other very exciting news coming up, but that’s not for me to break here. Just know that good things are happening for us.

It’s weird to think that we only have four shows left in this tour. Although I guess the term “this tour” has always been kind of meaningless. Some could argue that since we’re only going to be home for about four days, this summer is basically going to be one long tour with a few breaks. Some could argue (and some even have) that we’ve been on tour since mid-2010. Maybe we were born on tour. Maybe you’re on tour, and I’m at home! Did I just blow your mind?  I really hope not.

Anyway, catch us in Charlottesville, VA tomorrow opening for Theresa Andersson, then in Oshkosh, WI on Thursday (come to think of it, Charlottesville to Oshkosh is kind of a long drive, isn’t it?). Saturday we’ll be with Badfish at Nelson Ledges National Park in Ohio, and Sunday we’ll be at Brother’s Lounge in Cleveland. Monday we will be driving forever and then we’ll have a few days off. I hope to see you in New Orleans!

Especially if you have my shoes.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been doing a thing this year where I’m counting down to the end of the Mayan Long-Count Calendar, which some really stupid people seem to think is going to be the end of the world because of reasons that kind of sound made up.  Today, however, I just can’t bring myself to laugh at the prospect of humanity coming to an end because after seeing this it kind of hits close to home:

Seriously, I give up.

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4 Responses to Another Day in Paradise’s Basement

  1. Patntara says:

    You rule dude. Can’t wait for the book. I love reading your blogs. You are always optimistic and I am sooooo happy to hear of your pending greatness.

    Good job on the sponsorship too. Does this mean you and your sax will be all logoed up?


    • Jeremy says:

      Whaaaat!!!??? Euro design frames, where’s the number!????lol That’s awesome you got a sponser!! Keep rockin it, you desereve the best man!

    • revivalists says:

      Haha, no, no more logoed up than normal. The horn itself is advertisement enough, I should think! Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

  2. Judy Berry Ingraham says:

    Those sunglasses prove that reality just isn’t good enough.

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