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Monday, August 22nd, 2011

August Travels

Hey guys. Zack here.

August has been a month of grand travels for Team Revivalists. We’re currently touring Florida and the Southeast while our good comrades Rob “Toots” Ingraham and Andrew “Drums” Campanelli are on international vacations. Andrew is in Spain with his family and Rob is in Thailand with his lover Amanda.  On drums we have a hell of a substitute in Sam Shahin (of Mississippi Rail Company fame).  He’s a beastly rock drummer with jazz chops. Mitch Mitchell of The Jimi Hendrix Experience is a good comparison to describe his playing.  We’ve been having a great time with this kid. Look out for him. Follow his career. He’s going to be doing great things.

Covering the Rob slot is Michael Girardot. You know Mike. You may have been wondering, “Who’s that sharpshooter playing keys and trumpet with The Revivalists”?


That sharpshooter would be Mikey.

He plays the trumpet on Vital Signs and he’ll be on our next disc on both keys and trumpet. If you’ve seen us in the Northeast in the Spring or  any number of shows this summer you’ve likely seen Mikey giving it his all. He’s stealing all of Rob’s solos for this tour. In addition to rocking in many bands in New Orleans Mikey fronts a killer band called Big Rock Candy Mountain.

The last blog left off with a Pensacola weekend and an upcoming show at Tipitina’s. Well, the Tips show was a doozie. It was our first time playing two sets there. The reception was fantastic.  A packed house, a killer light show, and great DJ sets by Tony Scratchere. This was Sam’s first show with us. He knocked it out of the park. To top it off check out this sweet painting this artist Glory Shabouk did while we were playing.


Tipitina's 8-12-2011


Our next show was at The Hangout, a fantastic venue in Gulf Shores, AL. This is the venue that puts on the Hangout Festival. The Hangout is a really cool outdoor venue with a good barbecue restaurant, a fun staff and an amazing sound system.  They even had a live soundboard feed in the bathroom.  This was Rob’s last show with us before he left for Asia and us for The Florida tour. It looks like we’ll be back at The Hangout in mid-October.

Our first stop in Florida was at Guanabana’s in Jupiter. We made the best of a low-volume situation and rocked quietly enough to  keep it down to just one noise complaint.  The crowd was receptive and apologetic about the local police’s enforcement of noise ordinances. The club’s booker told us that next time we come around he’ll put us in a venue more suited to our show. Special thanks to my Aunt Linda for hooking up two complementary hotel rooms at the PGA hotel in West Palm Beach Gardens.


PGA Hotel pool.


Our next stop was an Indian Casino in Coconut, Creek, Florida known as The Seminole. We jammed the Nectar Lounge where we played to a crowd of friends, impressed casino staff, casino-goers and go-go dancers. Yes, the go-go dancers came up on stage with us. Also, we have The Seminole Casino to thank for providing us with the expression , “chillin’ like Michael and Raul”.  This idiomatic nugget entered the band vernacular or the “vanacular” when Darron (our sound fella), Ed, and I were sitting in the green room when we heard through the wall some poor sap’s boss scolding him.

“Do you want to be a success?” The bossman asked. ” You need to work hard. If you want to be a success you have to work.  Do you want to be a success and work hard or do you just want to sit in the office and relax all day like Michael and Raul?”  So now we do not merely “chill” or “hang out” but we “relax like Michael and Raul”.


Meet our Soundfella: Darron Wood.


After the Casino gig we drove through the night to Key West.  We’ve had the pleasure this weekend to play six 90 minute sets at the historic Green Parrot bar. The Green Parrot has been around since 1890. It’s one of those places that has a lot of great music currently and where a lot of classic acts have played on their way up. The Green Parrot has been very kind to us. They have provided us with a band house that we have been enjoying. It is outfitted with a kitchen, bathroom, six bunk beds, two regular beds and a futon.  Thanks to the owner and staff of the Green Parrot. Key West is as wonderful as one would expect. The sets went over fantastically. We won over many new fans and have made many great connections that will insure that we can keep coming back to this wonderful island and hit new places in South Florida.

Tomorrow we’re leaving for Macon, Georgia where we’ll be playing a frat party.  While in Macon we plan on visiting The Big House, the house where the original Allman Brothers line-up lived. Thursday August 24 we’ll be in Athens, GA at the 40-Watt Club and Friday we’ll be in Tuscaloosa, AL headlining the Well That’s Cool Festival.  Saturday we’ll be kickin’ it like Michael and Raul in Hattiesburg at Benny’s Boom Boom Room. Hopefully that dude won’t throw any more drinks at my pedal board

And that concludes our August travels.  Stay tuned to the website and facebook as we will have some nice videos from the last few months coming out shortly. Special thanks to Dave Glassman and friends for all of the support on the Florida run.




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6 Responses to August Travels

  1. Rob! says:

    New guy! Holdin’ it down on the blog front while I’m gone! Thanks for the update bro, it’s good to hear you guys are getting along okay without me. I think I’m going to rendez-vous in Tuscaloosa on Friday, possibly with Andrew, double possibly in Michaelphone’s car so he can have car. Anyway, I like you and stuff!

  2. Great stand-in Blog Zack and thanks for the kudos…as the pleasure and FUN was all mine!
    I know of NOTHING more rewarding then watching The Revivalists win over all people of all generations and keep them riveted from the first song to the last. Cheers to all Rev-Heads!

    Rev Bloggers…please visit the Fan Page at: to see the thousands of great pics that were taken during the south Florida tour PLUS you’ll witness the birth of the Feinberg Stache Club.

    The Green Parrot Rocks!!


  3. PatnTara says:

    The Green Parrot shows will be remembered always. We had such a blast! Pensacola was well represented in Key West. The locals LOVED the band and many of the same faces attended all 3 shows.
    I want to thank The Revivalists and Dave G for talking us into going on the road trip. It was well worth it and we would do it again.
    P.S. The pictures are priceless on The Pensacola Fans of the Revivalists Facebook page.

  4. jeff says:

    From TN and caught the show(s) at The Green Parrot while on a few days of vacation and kept going back the next night. Dudes have some great original music. Hope to catch them again but suspect they’ll be playing bigger venues. Been telling everyone to watch out for them.

  5. Bobby Moran says:

    I watched you all rocking hard in D.C. this summer. Then I saw the Frog’s Gone Fishin’ with a couple preachers in Hamilton. Then I witnessed Rob Play a Bongo behind a tavern in OHIO!

  6. Michael says:

    From New Mexico and caught the Sat. night show at the Green Parrot in Key West. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen! Not just because you sounded great, but the energy you put off was second to none. You could tell the entire band poured their hearts into the music. You’re destined to blow up! Look forward to catching you guys again somewhere down the road.

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