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Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Back In The Mines

Hello America, Rob here.

I’m about to disappear.  As you may or may not be aware, The Revivalists will be returning to the studio next week.  We’ve adopted a fairly heavy practice schedule as of late in order to prepare.  Admittedly, anything is lot of practice compared to how we’ve been the past few months.  At the beginning of the year I bought this bitchin’ Ed Hardy tattoo calendar and we’ve made a big deal of turning every page over at the first practice of the month.

When we came in five days ago, we realized we hadn’t changed it since September.

Which isn’t to say we haven’t been hard at work.  Andrew did some looking, and he determined that by the end of it we’ll have played 111 shows this year.  To put that in perspective, that’s the equivalent of being a band that plays a lot of shows.

But it’s exciting to get to work on new material again.  It’s going to be a rigorous couple of weeks, but this has already been a surprising spurt of creativity.  In addition to the three-ish “new” songs we’ve been kicking around since Jazzfest or so, we’ve all been putting things together individually this year and we finally have the chance to sit down and actually work our ideas.  We already have a handful of songs just about ready to go from the last few days of working, and a few more foundations.  All in all, the material for the new album looks very promising.

Oh yeah, also it is being produced by Ben Ellman of Galactic.  That’s pretty cool, right?

SHOWS:  If you’re in Lafayette, get ready!  This Friday, we’ll be back at Artmosphere to sow the seeds of progress anew.  And tomorrow (Thursday (tomorrow)) we will be entertaining at the Second Annual Bye Bye Hurricane Season Party at Republic. $25 for an open bar and an evening of entertainment, and proceeds go to Evacuteer, a local organization that helps people prepare, evacuate, and survive during hurricanes.  So if two things that interest you are hurricane preparedness and fun, you should definitely come!

After that, we’re all pretty much going to say goodbye to our girlfriends (I hear they’re forming a support group), move into the studio, and play some motherfucking notes.  Wish us luck.

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