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Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Best Case Scenario

Hello, friends! Rob here.

Another week down. Not much to report this time, so we’ll make this one quick.

As you ought to know, last Thursday we had the unmitigated honor of participating in WWOZ’s spring membership drive. It’s always a pleasure to kick it with our dear friend Sherwood Collins over at ‘OZ, and we were more than happy to dedicate an hour or two of our time to help garner support for such a wonderful pillar of the community and blah blah blah anyway WWOZ is awesome.

The weekend was pretty nice, but nothing particularly epic. Lost a few bucks at the casino in Shreveport (Ed won big), drank a few shots with our friend Whitney Solomon’s mom (whom I insisted upon calling “Whitney Solomom”), and generally felt the love on Friday. Sat in with a young band called Seven Horse Tango  in Lafayette (they were short a horse because their saxophonist couldn’t make it), had some excellent crawfish before, after, and during our set at a benefit for Children’s Shelters of Acadiana Youth, and drove back late at night on Saturday. Indulged in some touristy stuff with friends on Sunday.

Our dear friend and sometime videographer Brett Tierney filmed our visit to WWOZ and came along for the weekend to shoot a few live songs and hopefully capture some of our bizarre, inane and/or potty-mouthed van conversations on video, so there ought to be some kind of worthwhile and inspiring (read: worthless and insipid) output from all of that. Something to look forward to, provided your life is bleak enough that you could derive any sort of genuine fulfillment from something so trivial.

Best case scenario, it’ll be kinda funny.

Lastly, and mostly for George, I would like to congratulate the Uconn Huskies (avid followers of this blog who are doubtlessly reading today’s entry over and over again) on their victory in this year’s NCAA tournament! George and I watched most of March Madness on the road together, comparing brackets and yelling either with or at each other while the rest of the band mostly tried to ignore us. So when my bracket (which was briefly tied for third place among every single entry on*) went to hell during the Elite 8, I was obliged to cheer for George and his Connecticutian brethren. Anyway, good job, dudes!


We’re playing The Mellow Mushroom in Baton Rouge on Friday night, then we’ll be back in New Orleans on Saturday at French Quarter Festival, playing at 12:30 PM on the Coca-Cola Esplanade in the Shade Stage (by the Old U.S. Mint, same place as last year). That night we will return to Baton Rouge for a private event. Sunday we’ll be thinking about you.

Everyone have a wonderful week!

*: As a lifetime band geek, this is probably the closest I will ever come to legitimate sports bragging, so please just shut up and let me enjoy it.

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One Response to Best Case Scenario

  1. Suzzzzzanne:) says:

    your the bombdiggity rob!! I throughly enjoyed yallll once again in lafayette last weeekend! grant st thing threw me thou, literally when i fell off something higher then anything artmosphere puts in the reach of excited fans… still have a bruise! hope it lasts now till FRIDAY so i can show yall my reviv wounds. yes me and simone will be DANCING TO GREAT MUSIC at the BEACH in pensacola !! we can not waittt!
    LOVE YALLL, Suzanne Rees

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