Needles, CA

Day Seven.

Hello, friends! Rob here. Isn't it amazing how sometimes you chance across a song that sounds like it was written just for you in that specific moment in time? I had one of those moments today, and so I thought that, in lieu of writing an actual entry, it would be fun to just post the lyrics to that song and let you all draw your own conclusions:

Woke up this morning

In a town called Needles, California

Twisted my ankle last night

Worked up a powerful thirst

It's a dusty old town

Half a mile across

Watch the tumbleweeds roll by

Doing laundry at the Best Western

Gotta wait for the laundry

Because someone else is using it

Maybe I'll go grab a bite

At that Old West-themed cafe

Woke up this morning

In a town called Needles, California

Somewhere between Albuquerque

And San Diego, California

I'm a man who likes to roam

Far away from home

I think about my sweetheart in New Orleans

Where I rest these dusty bones

That reminds me

Gotta do some wedding planning stuff

Like pick out koozies and order them from the internet

That would be a productive use of all this downtime

Here in Needles, California

Where I woke up this morning

In a part of this dream called America

Where it's hard to get an Uber

My bandmates, Zack Feinberg,

And also David Shaw

Of The Revivalists

Went to Los Angeles instead

To tape a thing for a morning show

In Hollywood, CA

Or maybe Burbank or something

They shoot a lot of stuff out there

But I woke up this morning

In a town called Needles, California

That's "needles,” like the things that poke you

Not "needless,” as in unnecessary

-Williams, Hank Sr. "Needles, CA.” Moanin' the Blues. MGM Records, 1952.