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Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Gorilla Warfare

Hello, friends!  Rob here.

Alright!  Cool stuff!  Yeah!  Good job everyone!  We actually did things!  Just in time, too.  This may be the last Blog Wednesday for a week or two.  We’re heading to Pensacola tomorrow evening so we can get a jump on this whole Deluna Fest thing, and then we’ll be on the road for a little while.  As you ought to know by know, that means unscheduled entries whenever I get the time.

But back to this week.  After such a laid-back September, I’m glad we had this week to serve as a warm-up before getting into full-on tour mode.  Thursday had us driving a lot, which is great practice for the driving a lot that we will be doing throughout the second half of this month.  I like to call shows like Thursday “the little show that could.”  This is to say that it wasn’t our most heavily attended performance, but it felt really great onstage and there was big energy coming from a small crowd.  With your eyes open, the place looks empty, but when you close them it feels full.  We’re all excited to come back to The Shed in Destin when the weather gets a little warmer (I know, just in time, right?) and make it a magical place.

Friday’s double-header was pretty phenomenal.  We arrived early on Tulane’s campus to get interviewed by a very nice young woman (she brought us beer!) before our show at Fridays on the Quad, a fun monthly event featuring food, music, and beer which, naturally, was introduced after I graduated.  So it goes.  Oh yeah, and there was a guy in a gorilla costume:

See?  I know it's spelled ''guerilla.''
(Photo brought to you by our dear friend Tracy Marcus)

After a quick pack-up and a few goodbyes we were en route to Bennie’s in Hattiesburg.  Now, as Zack implied during a write-up of a certain incident in Hattiesburg a few months ago, Bennie himself is a bit of a character.  He has recently acquired a fog machine for his fine musical venue and watering hole, and he was in full-on new toy mode, pumping the venue with so much canned smoke that you couldn’t see two feet ahead of yourself.  It made for an interesting, though vaguely toxic atmosphere.

Satruday.  Ohh, Saturday.  As an Oklahoman, and a Tulane alumnus, I must confess that I’m not exactly the world’s biggest LSU fan.  But if we’re playing in Baton Rouge in the evening, after the Tigers have hosted (and annihilated) the Florida Gators, then I’m certainly grateful for their victory.  The Blind Tiger was extra rowdy on Saturday, and it was probably the best time I’ve ever had playing in Baton Rouge.  My sincerest gratitude goes out to our new friend Michael for initiating one hell of a dance-off and getting the energy level up.  The back patio was pretty packed, but it wasn’t until people started getting out of their seats and dancing up front that things really kicked into high gear.  All in all, a great night.

So that was our week!  Tomorrow, we’re officially on tour.  I’ll be in touch, don’t you worry.

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