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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

No, Not “Stomping”

Hello, friends!  Rob here.

I didn’t sleep last weekend.  It was awesome.

The Baton Rouge and Lake Charles shows on Friday and Saturday were both great.  The welcome was especially warm at our first-ever appearance in Lake Charles, where we played to a small but surprisingly enthusiastic audience.  Luna Live is a very cool venue, and it was a lot of fun playing and hanging out with the cool band guys from The Ruxpins and The 94s.  We had to drive back after both shows, which put us in bed between six and seven in the morning both nights (if it even counts as “night” once the sun is peeking over the horizon).

Saturday, we provided the entertainment at Goombay, a classic Tulane slop-fest at my old stamping grounds, the Sigma Chi house.  It was nice to return to a place that has provided me with so many blurry memories and make a few more.  University-sanctioned parties have to end at midnight (a “soft” midnight), and the party was in New Orleans, so why didn’t I sleep on Saturday?  Well, you see, there’s this thing called Snake and Jake’s…

Yes, Snake and Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge, a legendary dive bar here in New Orleans.  The place to which Dave is never going back, because he could have bought it with all the money he spent there, and they know his face, and now it’s hell getting out the place.  That place.

As a band, The Revivalists are divided on the merits of Snake and Jake’s.  George and I are huge proponents.  Obviously, Dave falls into the “no thanks” column, and Ed is vehemently opposed as well.  Zack and Andrew seem to be more moderate (or at least less vocal) about the bar.  If you’re not familiar with this legendary dive, imagine an aluminum-sided shack with a liquor license and, interestingly enough, a favorable Zagat Rating (not joking).  Regular clientele?  College students, bar staff getting off their shifts, stray cats.  Lighting?  Red Christmas lights, the occasional cigarette lighter.  Furniture?  Don’t look at it under a black light.  Hours?  9:00 PM-9:00 AM.

So there’s Zack, thanking me for letting him borrow the blazer I bought at a thrift store a few weeks ago because he took his shirt off at the show and didn’t bother putting it back on before walking into the bar.  For the record, the staff didn’t seem to mind (there is a persistent rumor that anybody who shows up completely nude at Snake and Jake’s drinks for free), but he was beginning to feel a bit self-conscious.  And there’s George, having a shot and a beer before heading home.  There’s my super-best-pal James buying a round of Warmest-Cheapest (originally his invention, for the record).  And there I am, checking the clock between ill-advised shots because I’m waking up at 8:30 in the morning to go to the Saints/Texans game with my girlfriend, her brother, and her parents.

Four hours is enough sleep, right?

This week, The Revivalists are…  OFF!  Not doing things!  How crazy is that?  Also, not entirely true.  No shows, but we’re all getting together in small groups to work on new material this week (at this rate, we’re going to be recording a fourth album before we finish paying off the third one).  It’s not bad for us to take a week off though, especially considering the couple of months we have coming up.  September has been mostly weekend shows and laziness, but starting the second week of October it’s going to be road-road-road until Thanksgiving.

For those of you worried about awesome music withdrawal this week, fear not!  There is still hope: Our good friends Snarky Puppy will be at The Howlin’ Wolf on Thursday night!  Despite my extensive experiences as a word-using guy, the only way I can describe Snarky’s sound is “unfathomable space porn.”  They must be seen to be believed, so come out to their show on Thursday and believe and see.

Okay, done.  Have a good week!

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