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Andrew Campanelli - The Revivalists

Andrew Campanelli grew up in Falls Church, VA and got his introduction to music by taking piano lessons in first grade, and started playing drums at age 11. During his senior year of high school he worked in the kitchen of a music venue near his home called the State Theatre. No matter what show took place in the main room, in the kitchen night after night the staff played The Meters and from that point forward he began to understand that there’s something different about the music in New Orleans. After seeing numerous New Orleans bands as the year drew to a close he decided to be near the music that he had grown to love and moved to New Orleans to attend Loyola University.

Andrew immersed himself in the music scene of the city, and found himself inspired by the unique tradition of New Orleans to preserve its culture by actively teaching it to new generations. Through spending time at the Sunday music workshops held at Tahitian’s he met guitarist Zack Feinberg who was starting a band with a singer that he had just met. Four days later The Revivalists played their first show.

After spending the last seven years touring and playing shows all across the country, some of the best highlights for him have taken place right at home. "Playing Jazz Fest is fun for any band, but as a band of transplant New Orleans ‘locals’ it has been a real honor playing to ever increasing crowds at Jazz Fest. It’s hard to compare anything to playing with the people who inspire me to play music. Of course it’s fun, but the best part of interacting with legendary musicians on stage is how much there is to learn by playing with people I’ve listened to my whole life." Although the time on the road has granted him a unique prospective as "It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture when in the little picture its 3 A.M. and the unquenchable August humidity keeps you awake while you wait on the shoulder of I-59 where the van is broken down yet again. No matter how many tire explosions, fast food restaurants and dim motel rooms we’ve encountered, there have always been way more fans and friends along the way who’ve let us crash on their floors, bought us beers, bought our records and told their friends about our music to help us keep sight of the bigger picture. In the practice space, the festival stage, or the recording studio, the biggest highlight is just getting the opportunity to make the music we want."

Andrew's Gear

Vic Firth Sticks & Zildjian Cymbals

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