Ed Williams | Pedal Steel Guitar

Ed Williams - The Revivalists

I played violin and piano starting at a very young age, but then switched over to guitar in middle school. I didnt pick up the steel guitar until I was in my late teens, but I fell in love with the sound and the versatility of the instrument. I came down to New Orleans to go to Tulane and then just fell in love with the music and the city. I have been playing music basically all my life. I got lessons on steel for a little while and then just tried to emulate and learn from everything that I heard that I liked. Steel players, guitar players, singers. Trying to learn as much as I could and then translating it to the steel.

One of the first bands to take us under their wing was The Rebirth Brass Band, I would say that was the first band to take us out on the road. They liked us a lot and really gave us a lot of support in the early years. We started to realize we were accepted in the New Orleans music community I think with one of our first Voodoo fest late night shows, we had a lot of the music community come sit in, way more than we actually expected and it was an amazing time. We started playing with more and more of the people we looked up to when we first started on the scene. The New Orleans music community is always accepting and embracing, but it is a great feeling when you get the respect from the people you admire so much.

We played a lot at Tipitinas, The Wolf, and of course Frenchman street. But we also cut our teeth a lot in Pensacola. We would do these three hour shows and really have to stretch it out, cause back then we only had so many songs. It helped us get tighter as a band and also learn how to stretch out a solo when its needed. I think we were able to take the next step because we were all willing to tour consistently, and completely devote ourselves to the music.

Ed's Gear

  • Rains SD-10
  • DL Lap Steel
  • Mesa Boogie Lonestar Amp
  • Crybaby Dimebag Darryl Wah Pedal
  • Dunlop Volume Pedal
  • Electroharmonix POG2
  • TC Electronics ND1 Nova Delay

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