Michael Girardot | Keyboardist & Trumpeter

Michael Girardot - The Revivalists

A member, guest performer and studio musician in many different acts, Michael has been an ever present smile in the New Orleans Rock scene since 2004. It was not uncommon to see his energetic presence on the sides of New Orleans stages 5 nights a week before he joined The Revivalists in 2011. Michael’s expertise as a keyboardist, vocalist, trumpeter and songwriter have earned him a spot as one of the most highly sought after musicians in Louisiana. 

Michael has been a long advocate for the New Orleans rock scene and created the New Orleans Indie Rock Collective and Foburg Festival, which provided a much needed outlet and source of exposure for New Orleans rock and roll.  He currently sits on Gambit’s Big Easy awards nominating committee.

When off from Revivalists tour, Michael performs with Big Rock Candy Mountain, ZIM, Michael Girardot’s Macrofuns, and Rumpelsteelskin.

"What makes it fun is that whatever weird gas station or odd club experience you have, there are 7 guys to share it with.”

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