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Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Pixels Amid Mountains

Hello friends, Rob here. As promised, here a few pictures from our sojourn into the (relative) wilderness:



The left half of our setup…

…and the right.  I really wish I had a wide-angle lens or something so I could get it all in one shot.

George and Zack workin’ it out.

Add some Campanelli and it really starts to simmer!

The only spot in the room that Ed could set up his steel was this strip of tile next to the jacuzzi yes, jacuzzi.  It was there in case we didn’t want to go all the way outside to use the hot tub), because the rest of the room was covered in squishy shag carpet.  Also pictured: Van pants.

Here’s a picture of my setup (or “battle station,” as I will be calling them from here on out).  And yes, of course I’m at the bar.

I tried to take a picture of myself at my battle station, but apparently I don’t know how to work the timer function on my camera.

All the provisions I need for a day of music.

George and Andrew.  Note the blankets and t-shirts draped over the draped over the drums to cut down on noise.

Zack and some sunlight.

The end.  See you in Mississippi!

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