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Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Hello, friends! Rob here.

We’re somewhere in southern Illinois, halfway to tomorrow’s show, just bedding down in a Motel 6. We decided to spend the last few nights in Chicago with our good friend Chris Rogers, his lovely wife Jill, and their two adorable children. I can’t remember how much I’ve written about Chris in the past, so I’ll give you the short version, which is that he lives in suburban Chicago but he remains true in his heart to his hometown of New Orleans. When it comes to New Orleans music, he is a human encyclopedia (and probably rolodex as well). We met him in Chicago a little while back when we opened up for Rebirth, and he invited us to play at the crawfish boil he hosts annually in New Orleans during Jazz Fest. We’ll be returning this April, and, considering the other musical acts he’ll be hosting, it’s likely to be the social event of the year. We had a few nice relaxing evenings in Chris’ impressive basement β€œman-cave,” watching movies and concert videos, playing poker, and even sneaking in a quiet little midnight jam session. This, of course, came on the heels of a wild show in Oxford to cap off our Ohio excursion, so we were all grateful for a bit of downtime. However, we did run one quick errand today.

While we were in town, the band received an order for a t-shirt. Normally, we manage our merchandise orders ourselves when we’re in town, and we delegate to Stu if we’re on the road and we’re too busy to ship something in a timely fashion. However, the address for this order was in Chicago, about five minutes’ drive from where we had to go to pick up Andrew (he stayed in the city with a friend of his). So we decided that a fun thing to do would be to drive to this guy’s house and hand-deliver his shirt. We GPS’ed the address, put his shirt on a ventriloquist dummy, and rang the doorbell. Wes, the good-natured fellow who ordered the shirt, graciously consented to let me post the email he sent us later this evening, which I think pretty much saves me the trouble of having to write the rest of what happened:

——Original Message——
Subject: Did I miss you at my house in Chicago today…? WTF!?!?!
Sent: Mar 6, 2012 7:51 PM

Can’t believe we missed the personal delivery…. Nice Touch!!

My wife and I saw you guys open for Rebirth at Martyr’s in Chicago last year, been diggin your stuff ever since. You guys passing through or playing in chi town tonight? Pissed we missed you. I lived in New Orleans for a few years, heading back for Jazz fest 2nd week this year, hoping to catch you guys there. Just saw Soul Rebels here on Fri – glad to see all the nola music spreading up here.

P.S. if personal delivery is standard, my babe just placed ten more orders… By the way, you really freaked out our cleaning lady…!

Wes & Laura

And here’s a photo of us delivering the goods, taken by Wes’ freaked-out cleaning lady:

Not sure why we brought Charlie along...

That’s all for today! But worry not, for I’m sure there’ll be plenty to discuss next Wednesday. It was fortunate that we were able to rest some, because the next few days are going to be absolutely hectic. We’re playing Oxford, MS tomorrow with legendary percussionist Mike Dillon, then Shreveport on Thursday, where things are sure to get out of hand, then we’ll be returning to Fayetteville, AR on Friday, which is awesome, because it’s totally not like 13 hours away from New Orleans, and we totally don’t have any supremely important reason to be in New Orleans at a reasonable time on Saturday awesome, because Fayetteville is awesome, even though we’re going to have to totally beast it overnight to get back to New Orleans in time for the.. The what? The city of something party something something…? Oh yeah:


With the end of the world a scant 288 days away, you’ll want to pick up a copy as soon as possible so you can listen to it lots of times before John Cusack reunites his family by flying an airplane under a building that lands on you (haven’t actually seen β€œ2012”). So I’m sure I’ll see you there.


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2 Responses to Signed, Sealed, Delivered

  1. Regina Dockx Bradley says:

    My husband and I are driving from Dallas tomorrow night after work to see you guys in Shreveport! We took off work Friday so we can jam to your show until the last song! We are going to NOLA for FQF but we aren’t getting down there until Friday and we heard you all play Thurs. Good thing we planned this additional trip to Shreveport tomorrow to see you guys! Can’t wait! Be safe on the road please :) BTW loved today’s story! I would never have forgiven myself if I missed your personal hand delivery to my home! Poor guy will never live that down – LOL.

    • Dana Jones says:

      I would have been sick if it had been me that you’d miss. I am sure they are, too. I Seconde Regina’s admonishment: Be safe on the road, please!

      See you on the 23rd at the Vinyl! I’m counting the days!

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