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Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Soft Ten

Hello, friends!  Rob here.

Remember last week, when I was all, “heeyyyy, nothing really exciting happened, so this entry sucks, sorry, whatever, muhhh…”?  Welp, not this week.  This week was a veritable roller coaster ride of suspense, intrigue, betrayal and victory!  And here are some words about it:

Thursday brought us an interesting double-header far from home in Oxford, Mississippi.  Ed has been in the exciting and daunting process of becoming a first-time homeowner, and between that and work he was unable to make the twelve-hour round trip on a school night, so we rolled into Mississippi one man short.  Then, as we were parking the van to set up for our brief performance in a bookstore called Off Square Books, which was recorded for broadcast on Thacker Mountain Radio, George suffered a bout of strange symptoms most likely attributable to food poisoning.  With our bassist suddenly and thoroughly incapacitated, we had to adjust.  Fortunately, the radio show had a house band called The Yalobushwackers, and their bassist, who only introduced himself as “Slade,” was happy to sit in.  Slade plays an upright bass, and the different sound lent a cool, stripped-down vibe to the quiet indoor gig.  Also, nobody died.  That’s usually a plus.

That evening, George was able to pull it together for an hour-ish set next door at Proud Larry’s, but we still decided it would be humane to leave as soon after our set as possible, which unfortunately prevented us from being able to see much of Earphunk.  Even with the early departure, we didn’t get home until about six or seven in the morning.

After sleeping all day, we gathered at the legendary Maple Leaf to prepare for a classic hometown face-stomper.  Dave had to sneak out during sound check to sing a song at Freret Street Gym’s Friday Night Fights, but he was back quickly enough to hit the stage at our scheduled start time, which, if I recall correctly, was what we call a “soft ten o’clock.”


Saturday we returned to Mississippi.  Mercifully, Jackson is only two or three hours away, a mere hop for veteran road victims like The Revivalists.  There’s something about the room in Martin’s that makes us better than normal at jamming and experimenting live, which means it’s always a fun room to play.   Of course, it didn’t hurt that a bunch of nice people showed up and had lots of fun with us.  Good times in Jackson, my friends.

So that’s our week!  Sorry this was a day late!  I like you.

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