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Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Space Jill (It’s All My Fault)

Hello, friends! Rob here.

First of all, I would like to apologize to the people of New Orleans for the merciless heat we’ve been forced to endure as of late. You see, it’s all my fault. For years I have made it a habit to send gloating text messages about wearing shorts in January to friends of mine who live in places where winter actually means something. I like to think that karma is less of a day-to-day force within our lives and more some sort of slumbering behemoth that occasionally gets provoked into waking up and rampaging all over the place. Such is the case with the weather. I spent too much time bragging about how mild our previous winter was, and now everything is horrible and it is all my fault.

Well, not everything is horrible. We last weekend, for example, was not horrible. Not horrible at all. Except maybe for the heat in Atlanta on Saturday, which was probably also my fault (sorry Atlanta!). The rest of Atlanta was very fun though. We played at a beer festival, which is something that I personally think we should try to be doing more of in the future. It was also great to see our friends Stokeswood again, whom we met at a fraternity sloshfest in Athens and who will be joining us at home this Friday. They’re a talented and entertaining bunch of band guys, and if you’re planning on coming to see us at One-Eyed Jack’s on Friday then I very strongly recommend showing up early to catch them. You will not be disappointed, nor will you stop dancing.

Also, I’m trying to picture what “very strongly recommending” looks like compared to just plain old recommending, and I don’t think I can. Does it require more yelling, or muscles? Perhaps a bald person in a suit? Yes, definitely a bald person in a suit would be good.

And we played music notes on Sunday also! How strange! It was our pleasure to do band guy stuff at the second annual Gulf Coast Drum Battle in lovely Pensacola, Florida. The competition was fierce and enjoyable to watch, and it was paced by a clinic by Billy Martin of Medeski, Martin and Wood (he’s “Martin”) and a drum-centric performance by Thomas Pridgen, formerly of The Mars Volta and continuously of an extremely high caliber. All in all, it was a great night for us. Sometimes we don’t know what to expect going out of a Sunday night, but Pensacola is either really good at being an audience or really bad at reading a calendar, and as far as I’m concerned either one is just fantastic.

So now we’re in Birmingham.  We’re supposed to be playing a local morning show, but we’re in a holding pattern right now because Barack Obama is going to make some kind of special announcement regarding health care within the hour.  So we’ll see what happens with that.  Hopefully we’ll still get to play, and hopefully sick people will get better.

Either way, we’ll be playing at Workplay tonight with Yo Momma’s Big Fat Booty Band. Friday, as I mentioned earlier, we’ll be at home at One-Eyed Jack’s, and Saturday we’re at The Soul Kitchen in Mobile, again with the Big Fat Booty Band. We’ll be taking next week off in New Orleans, working on new material, catching up with old friends, and celebrating the delicious freedoms afforded to we Americans by shotgunning canned beer and not wearing a shirt (at least, that’s what I’ll be doing).

Other than our upcoming trip down to the bottom tip of America, the rest of this summer is probably going to be relatively slow in terms of shows. Our booking is in a state of transition, and we’re all very distraught about the fact that we now have only 175 days left before the apocalypse, so a lot of what The Revivalists will be doing this month and next (especially next) will be writing and demoing new material. Hopefully we’ll have at least the bare skeleton of an album to show for it by the time the world ends…

SIDE NOTE: I started writing this entry Tuesday night in hopes that I would be able to post it sometime on Wednesday before we left town, but I wrote about four completely unusable sentences and then promptly fell asleep. I picked it up again on the van ride to Birmingham yesterday (we had to get in last night because of the morning show this morning) in hopes that I would be able to polish, spell check, fact check, add links, and post it when we arrived at our hotel for the evening, but I had to wait until right now to use the internet at Birmingham’s ABC affiliate while we wait to play. That’s basically my way of saying sorry Blog Wednesday was a day late this week. It’ll probably be the same thing next week, due to the aforementioned Freedom Day celebrations. But, um, I like you! Okaybye.

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3 Responses to Space Jill (It’s All My Fault)

  1. Savanah says:

    You may have missed Blog Wednesday, but it worked out. See, I forgot about it yesterday…so it was an unexpected treat to add to my Thursday.

    Also…I’ve gotten into the unfortunate facebook habit of just wanting to “like” everything. It’s as though I’ve forgotten how to be literate. Trying to change that. I may not have anything important to say, but I’m gonna say it. So don’t be surprised if some random chick starts commenting on all your blog posts. :-/

    • revivalists says:

      Comments are nice! They give me a warm fuzzy feeling! Every year I make a half-assed New Year’s resolution to respond to more of them, and maybe with your help, this could be the year I use my whole ass!

      For responding to comments, I mean.

  2. Amy Bancroft says:

    It was my first time experiencing “The Revivalists” @ 1eyedjacks Saturday night, and I was truly, beyond moved. Thank you. I am an artist as well now living in New Orleans, from Atlanta. Wonderful writing as well, this blog entry gave me the sensation of time-travel, transporting me to a day in the life of Rob, in ze flesh! feeling right there with you, youknowwhatimsayin?

    The heat will be. To live in such a magical city, we must endure the extra love & attention we receive from the Sun Gods & Goddesses. This is my theory, :)

    Plus, just another excuse to exercise your freedom to take your shirt off, right?

    Thanks again! the people who put me on are friends of yours, so hope to possibly meet you fine gentlemen in the future someday. Cheers & Rock On.

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