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Sunday, November 18th, 2012

“The Revivalists? Those Guys Are My Friends!”

Hello, friends! Rob here.

Sunday morning at the Gekas residence. An oasis of normalcy before the home stretch of a short, intense tour. We watch football in our pajamas. George and his brother sit on the couch discussing their fantasy teams. George’s mother brings me a fold-up TV tray and I eat ham, bagels, and homemade spanakopita and think about how weird time is.

A week ago to the minute I was in the Superdome. We left New Orleans that night and arrived in Wilmington the next. Since then, it’s almost hard to account for the passage time this week. So much of this run has been all business: drive, play, drive, sleep, drive… It’s a welcome change of pace to just sit on a couch and be utterly worthless for a few hours.

So we’ve played some shows, right? Yes. Yes we have. Monday and Tuesday were both fairly low-pressure gigs, playing weekdays in new towns and shaking off a bit of rust (I’m pretty sure our Wilmington show was the first time all seven of us had been in the same room in about a week, unless the van counts as a room). Thanks to our new-ish friend Charlotte bringing us (Andrew and me) birthday cupcakes.

And now it is time to tell you who Van Ghost is. Van Ghost is a rad band from Chicago. They’re rolling with us for much of this tour, and they’re all great musicians and swell people. Also, one of the people in Van Ghost is a lady named Jennifer Hartswick, who plays trumpet with Trey Anastasio. Remember that she exists because it is going to be relevant later.

(Non-blog) Wednesday, we got to play a swanky DC establishment called The Hamilton. It was a big room, they gave us sushi, and lots of people came and helped us forget that it was a Wednesday night. We even borrowed Van Ghost’s own Jennifer Hartswick (see? Relevant!) for a song, which she performed with grace and aplomb.

And badass-ness.

Thursday was our only non-Van Ghost show of the tour, opening for the Tim Reynolds Trio at the Blockley in Philadelphia. It was awesome, but it’s kind of hard to think of anything as being awesome now that we live in a post-Brooklyn Bowl world. If you’re reading this, then you have probably already seen our internet things about Friday’s hugely successful showing in the hippest of boroughs, but in case you haven’t, this is pretty much all you need to know:



Last night in Albany (which seems like a pretty cool city despite what “real” New Yorkers will tell you) more fun things happened. Since Brooklyn, Van Ghost has been rolling with an additional two members. One of them, Natalie Cressman, is a skillful trombonist and an old comrade-in-arms of the aforementioned (and still relevant!) Jennifer Hartswick. We borrowed them for a few tunes last night and we’re thinking of keeping them. Seriously, them ladies can wail.

Alright, enough typing. We have to leave soon. It’s weird to think that in 24 hours we’ll all be going our separate ways for Thanksgiving. Hope you’ll be with yours. 32 days til the last day of all days.

One Response to “The Revivalists? Those Guys Are My Friends!”

  1. Erik Hansen says:

    Keep it rolling! You guys are opening new doors every night! Have a relaxing holiday with the fam guys!! See ya back in Pcola next month. #RevivalistsRock

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