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Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

We Pretty Much Don’t Do Anything

Hello America, Rob here.

I feel like I’m in a slump. Last week’s entry was a day late, and pretty bland. And today is also going to suck. Sorry.

Really, I’m sorry.

Normally there would be words here telling you what The Revivalists have been up to, but, as a band, we haven’t done much worth mentioning this week. We took last week off to spend time with like, our families or whatever, so unfortunately I can’t regale you with any tales of our usual laff-a-minute hi-jinks and monkeyshines and general rapscallionry.

As I probably said last week (no, I can’t be bothered to keep track of what I do or don’t write), we’ll be in the studio this month, so we’re not going to be on the road very much until January. We will, however, be doing music guy stuff at Blue Nile on Saturday.

That’s right! This Saturday!  One night only!  Blue Nile!  The Revivalists will be playing one of our last shows of 2010! It’s going to be a free show, so bring your friends! We will be joined by some rad South Carolinans who operate under the name Sol Driven Train, so be sure to come early and catch them as well.  Show starts at 10 probably.

Welp, bye friends!  Sorry there hasn’t been much to relate lately.  Hopefully as we start recording I’ll be able to tell you stuff about things that are happening again.  In the meantime, like, deal with it.

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3 Responses to We Pretty Much Don’t Do Anything

  1. Tracy says:

    I can’t believe I had to do a CAPTCHA to leave a comment.

  2. revivalists says:

    I can’t believe you left a comment about how it was difficult for you to leave a comment!

  3. JAB says:

    We’re hyped about Artmosphere on Friday.
    The ‘old men music club’ from St. Martinville will be in attendance again.
    Also, I hear that Cody & the Breaux Bridge Crew is gearin-up.
    No counterfeit t-shirts this time around.
    Only great cigars and frozen SoCo.

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