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Friday, June 15th, 2012

We’ll Always Have The Bowery

I only wore them once.

Technically, three times. I had to put them on to get into the van when we left Chicago, and again when I walked into a shoe store in Pleasantville, NY to purchase a new pair of shoes to hold me over.  But for me, they’ll always be “those shoes I wore at the Bowery Ballroom show.”

As is so often the way of things, I never truly knew what I had until they were no longer mine.

The shoes briefly entered into my possession when a remarkable live photographer called Nunu mistook my shoes for his own while leaving a house party that we who are in the business of speaking in euphemisms would call “enjoyable.” Through a series of Facebook posts with an intermediary, Nunu and I were able to negotiate the terms of a fairly convoluted exchange, all of which were rendered moot when I realized The Revivalists would have to pass back through Chicago to get to Oshkosh.

On our way to Chicago I found out that the shoes were important to Nunu. They were a gift from his friend Todd.

I opened my suitcase in the exact same spot on the floor of the Rogers’ living room where, some two weeks ago, I kicked my shoes off, blissfully unaware of what I had set in motion. The shoebox was in my suitcase. The shoes were in the shoebox. My end of the exchange was upheld. My shoes were waiting for me on the kitchen table. I placed the shoebox on the kitchen table and opened it to confirm that Nunu’s shoe-shoes had not wandered off.

Todd’s full name is James Todd Smith. Most of America knows him as “LL Cool J.”

“We’ll always have The Bowery,” I said. I closed the shoebox, and with it, a short and precious chapter of my life.

Anyway. Hello, friends! Rob here.

It’s a lovely morning here at the Arthur Heurtley House in suburban Chicago, where we are actually staying right now. As I write this, several guided and self-guided architectural tours have passed by, and one girl is sitting in the shade of a nearby tree, presumably drawing a sketch of the mansion’s facade. I am seated in a large office-type room which boasts, among other decorative pieces, several books on Frank Lloyd Wright (including one that features this house on the cover) and a glass case containing three fossilized dinosaur eggs.

Go ahead and let that sink in if you need to. Come find me when you’re ready to continue. I’ll either be here, or out on the veranda.

So, Theresa Andersson is incredible. We had a very nice show with her in Charlottesville on Tuesday, before I got closure on the whole shoe thing. Last evening was excellent as well. You never know what you’re going to get when you play a new city for the first time, but in Oshkosh we got a summer concert series with built-in attendance, cooperative weather, and a lot of very friendly people. So, good job, Wisconsin. You have really good gas station food, too. We’ll be back.

We’re headed for Ohio tonight, but we have no specific objective beyond getting close enough to Nelson Ledges Quarry to make it to tomorrow’s show on time. It’s still hard to believe that we’re a mere two shows away from home. Mainly because that’s not entirely true. We are two shows and one long driving day (although nothing compared to the legendary Seattle-New Orleans driveathon) away from home.

That’s about it. For those of you who missed it, The Revivalists are now proud members of the Madison House family! The fact that we’ve signed on with a big-league booking agency might not mean a whole lot to you, but to us it means more, bigger, and better shows with smarter routing and fewer marathon drives. You may still not care about that, but remember that the sooner we get to be all famous and stuff, the sooner you get to have an attitude about the fact that you were the first kid on your block to start listening to The Revivalists. And as for the routing, by planning our drives more efficiently, we can reduce our carbon emissions and help ensure that global warming doesn’t kill us all sometime earlier than the end of the world in that the Mayans have scheduled for us in188 days. Anyway, Madison House! Yeah! Have a wonderful day!

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One Response to We’ll Always Have The Bowery

  1. Lane Fanguy says:

    If Madison House is the one responsible for setting up 2 concerts in Missouri within the same month in August then rock on Madison House! Seriously though congrats on the big signing and we will see you in August…TWICE!

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